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    Light of the Worlds

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    YouTube User: Field of Reeds


Light of the Worlds by Field of Reeds. (Fanmade KHIII Final Boss Theme)

This is sick. I like the songs they chose to implement. I can definitely see 7 Lights kicking 13 Darknesses to this.

Thank you so much!! I’m definitely going to tune up this version with better mixing and more live players, so it makes my day to see this…

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    L'Oscurità della Terra

  • Artist

    Field of Reeds


Kingdom Hearts 3 - Final Battle against Xemnas/Terra.

Since a lot of people ask me to upload more imaginated music of KH III, i’ll take the request of 2 people to upload a Terra/Xehanort/Xemnas related song I found on my bault.

Enjoy :D

Hey, glad you liked it! You definitely got my intention with this Terranort segment… if you want to hear the whole track, you can listen here!


Anonymous asked:

Would it be possible for you to put download links for your covers (especially your updated Uncle's Tsungi Horn)? It's really great to hear your playing.

Hi, thank you so much!! I have a few of the links in the descriptions, but some not… here’s Uncle’s Tsungi horn for you!

I have a special place in my heart for that one. Avatar is just so wonderful…

Have a good one!

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