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Anonymous asked:

I need to know your snapchat! Please tell me it

Haha! My snapchat is “fieldofreeds”. It’s half ridiculous captions, and half music-related adventures… feel free to add me and introduce yourself!

  • Track Name

    Zelda - Ocarina of Time - Spirit Temple [Cover]

  • Album

    Music for Twenty-Five Games

  • Artist

    Field of Reeds & Patti Rudisill

Ocarina of Time: Music for Twenty-Five Games is an EP, co-written and co-performed with Patti Rudisill!  Hear five tracks from the classic title, re-worked with live instruments (violin, viola, oboe, English horn, bass oboe, flutes, and of course, ocarina!).

This EP is also used as the soundtrack to the latest edition of’s “25 Games for my Son.

And it’s available on Loudr and iTunes! We’re really excited to present it to you! Thank you!!

sleepy-sora asked:

I cant stop laughing at Bachxas! XD

I honestly thought when I initially took those Snapchats that the only one who would be amused would be myself. Maybe the friends on the receiving end. XD

So thank you!, and please enjoy this exclusive look at KH3’s Fantasia 2000 World:

  • Track Name

    Okami - Dragon Palace (Cover)

  • Album


  • Artist

    Field of Reeds

Listen on Youtube: [link]

Multiplayer VG Album is a charity project of videogame music covers! 26 musicians were assigned a letter of the alphabet and had one month to pick a song and cover it. The album will be on sale soon and all proceeds will go to Child’s Play charity!

Live instruments in this one are flute, oboe, pennywhistle, hichiriki, and sho.


With all the E3 hype, I think its time to give the composers a little bit of light too. The American Federation of Musicians is blocking all video game soundtrack recordings for their members and is fining composers stupid amounts of money for essentially doing their job.

Please please please watch, spread this video around and show your support because this is very important for the music and video game industry.

The American Federation of Musicians has effectively blocked ALL new videogame soundtrack recording for its members (of more than 90,000 people), and now following my work on The Banner Saga they are threatening to fine me $50,000. The situation is grossly unfair to all musicians and composers working (or hoping to work) in game music.”

They are targeting him (composer for Journey, flOw, The Banner Saga) for speaking out against the ridiculous AFM policies that prohibit musicians from recording videogame scores. This is incredibly important, please take a few minutes to watch and share if you love game music.

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