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    Uncle's Tsungi Horn (Field of Reeds Cover)

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    Field of Reeds



I did this cover awhile ago, but wanted to update it with a few of my newer backtrack instruments, as well as mix it a bit better. :) Someday I’ll re-record the melody as well. Original music by The Track Team, duduk performance and arrangement by me.


I bought a duduk only becuase I wanted to learn how to play the “Tsugi horn”.

Oh gosh, I’m so happy someone found this cover! I’m still really fond of it. :) And that’s awesome, I’d love to hear your Tsungi horn rendition sometime. 



Last September, we celebrated the launch of our Kingdom Hearts Re-orchestration project with "Awakening", a 5-track EP.

358 Days later, we are proud to bring you our first full-length album, Project Destati: LIGHT, to be released on 9/9/2014. 

Over the next few days, we will be releasing previews and more details about the extensive track list. We can’t wait to share it all with you!

Twitter: [link]
Facebook: [link]

Hey guys, my personal uploads have been nonexistent lately because I’ve been working on this album for months!! Release day is almost here and once we set sail, it’ll be great! :)


Anonymous asked:

I need to know your snapchat! Please tell me it

Haha! My snapchat is “fieldofreeds”. It’s half ridiculous captions, and half music-related adventures… feel free to add me and introduce yourself!

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    Zelda - Ocarina of Time - Spirit Temple [Cover]

  • Album

    Music for Twenty-Five Games

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    Field of Reeds & Patti Rudisill

Ocarina of Time: Music for Twenty-Five Games is an EP, co-written and co-performed with Patti Rudisill!  Hear five tracks from the classic title, re-worked with live instruments (violin, viola, oboe, English horn, bass oboe, flutes, and of course, ocarina!).

This EP is also used as the soundtrack to the latest edition of’s “25 Games for my Son.

And it’s available on Loudr and iTunes! We’re really excited to present it to you! Thank you!!

sleepy-sora asked:

I cant stop laughing at Bachxas! XD

I honestly thought when I initially took those Snapchats that the only one who would be amused would be myself. Maybe the friends on the receiving end. XD

So thank you!, and please enjoy this exclusive look at KH3’s Fantasia 2000 World:

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